Offer for business is a base of technology which were created at the University of Agriculture in Krakow.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the innovative technologies developed at the University of Agriculture in Krakow, using the


„Safe Park” application

The project integrates innovative technologies in the field of GIS and geoinformatics including 3D laser scanning (LiDAR) and remote sensing (aerial and satellite). The data on trees conditions is possible by integrating ALS data with TLS and MLS point clouds. Using Visual Tree Asessment (VTA) allows to describe health conditions of trees and hazard from potential fall (fracture). The "Safe Park" application is part of innovative ways of managing the so-called Smart City. The main advantages of using the "Safe Park" application by municipal services include the mass use of the application and the rapid provision of messages and current versions of hazard zone maps. The "Safe Park" application is unique both on a European and global scale, as it allows for the integration of different levels of geodata, for combining selected mechanisms in the field of public safety and crisis management, and for automatically generating up-to-date data on selected high green areas.

Formeth - technology for direct decomposition of formaldehyde and urotropin wastewater

It is planned to make a laboratory technology demonstrator that will be adapted to continuous process running together with a measuring stand for quick verification of the obtained process effects. Thanks to this solution, it will be possible to demonstrate the effect of using the technology on potential customers, based on real waste water samples. It is a unique solution on the domestic and international market, which allows to demonstrate to the client how the technology works and the effects of its application after implementation at the plant.

Innovative solutions for stabilizing reference balls on the surface of the land, as well as balustrades and handrails

The subject of presented innovation are steel reference balls with devices for their stabilization on the surface of the land in the form of a steel tripod (solution R1) and on balustrades and handrails in the form of steel clamp (solution R2). The uniqueness of solution R1 lies in developing such a reference ball mounting on the surface of the terrain to ensure stability, also when measuring its location with geodetic techniques. The main advantages are lightness, handiness and ease of execution. Whereas, the essence of research on solution R2 is to develop a stable attachment of the reference ball on all types of balustrades or handrails, of any cross-section and building material, with protection for the mounting surface. The most important adventage of it solution is the stability of mounting the ball on various objects by adjusting the width of the handle to the dimensions of the structure element on which the ball is mounted.

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